Flaming Hope, LLC is a family owned and operated business in Noble, OK. Every bullet casing charm and cross is carefully handcrafted to order. Flaming Hope is named after our two horses Flame and Hope and represents the significance of turning a bullet which produces a flame when ignited into a cross which represents hope. The idea came about after an EF4 tornado hit our home in Little Axe, Oklahoma on May 19, 2013. Many houses were totally destroyed and people, horses, and other animals were left homeless and in need of help. Flame and Hope along with our two other horses, Nessy and Lil Jack, survived the EF4 tornado, despite their pasture taking a direct hit. Although all four horses were left un- unharmed, many others were not so fortunate. A portion of the profits from the sale of our items is donated to individuals and charities to help those in need. We want everyone to know - you can find HOPE where you least expect it.